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Metcalfe Street Dental - Sedation - A very comfortable and relaxed dental patient

For patients who suffer from unusual pain sensitivity, have difficulties with standard local anesthetics, or generally experience higher levels of anxiety when it comes to dental treatment, we are pleased to offer an extra form/level of "treatment" called Nitrous Oxide Sedation (also known as "laughing gas"). Nitrous oxide sedation helps patients to relax - either by bringing on a mild state of euphoria or, at the other end of the spectrum, by making patients feel drowsy and sleepy. In addition, nitrous oxide also acts as a painkiller in certain circumstances, so the benefits of using it are doubled. It is administered through a facial mask, the dosage can be modified (increased or decreased) during the procedure as needed, and it has no residual effect. It should be mentioned that nitrous sedation seems to work well for great many of our patients, but there are those who do not respond to it and need to pursue an alternate solution.